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P/N: AST 7331

P/N: AST S-7231 (stainless steel version)


P/N: AST 7326 (note: Sold Individually)

O-N-S Drag link Tie Rod Bolt

P/N: AST S-7226 (Stainless Steel Version)

~ New for 2012

Astro Titanium has released a new version of our Tie Rod Drag Link One Nut Style fastener that threads into the steering arms and pittman arm. This billet one piece fastener CNC machined from Ti 6AL-4V material has been track tested. The main body of this bolt is tapered where it meets the heim, leaving a nice area for the heim to rotate without any wear and tear. The new flare design where it meets the aluminum arms, ads twice the sheer strength with an OD of 7/8". Sold individually, or in a kit.

Part # (1/2-20X2.600)                    AST 7326 DS 
Part # (Kit- 4 bolts, 8 Nylock Nuts)   AST 7326 DSK 


Button Allen Head Seat Bolt (sold individually)

P/N: AST 3810 3/8-24 x 1.000

Avaliable in 1/4" sice incriments between these part numbers

P/N: AST 3837 3/8-24 x 3.750


P/N: AST 3520 F-Head 7/16-14 x 1.250

Inboard brake bracket bolt


P/N: AST 3921 B-A-H

Button Allen Head Draglink Tie Rod Bolt


P/N: AST 6825 B-A-H

Rear motor plate to chassis


P/N: AST 7323 ONS

One Nut Style Draglink tie rod bolt


P/N: AST 7325 ONS

One Nut Style Draglink Tie rod bolt


P/N: AST 7325 M-ONS

One Nut Style Draglink tie rod bolt (bullet nose)

P/N: AST 7333 ONS

One Nut style Radius rod bolt

P/N: AST 7333 M-ONS

One Nut Style radius rod bolt (bullet nose)


P/N: AST 7340 M-ONS

One Nut Style top front shock bolt (bullet nose)